Monday, January 13, 2014

Bully-Proof Your Child

There's an increased prevalence in zero-tolerance policies for bullying in elementary schools all across the country.  A quick Google search reveals plenty of resources for teachers of students in upper elementary and middle schools.  While these strategies can be effective for older students, they can be hard to adapt for younger students that don't have key life skills. In fact, several of the skills we teach children revolve specifically around how to get along with others and gain self-confidence.  How are preschool teachers supposed to equip their students if they live in fear of getting hurt? How can they manage bullying in their own classroom?
An article by Dr. Laura Markham, linked below, is an article that answers these questions.  She breaks strategies down into terms preschoolers can understand and gives strategies for teachers and parents to equip themselves.  With these, hopefully we can stop bullying before it becomes a habit by reaching out to both the bully and the bullied.

Dr. Laura Markham Bully-Proof Your Child


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