Thursday, September 26, 2013

Save the drama for your mama

I thought that with 12 boys in the classroom, we'd have fewer issues with namecalling and friendship and more with rough play. Of course they do play rough and hit each other, but there's quite a bit of drama about who is whose friend on which day.  Today at the lunch table, a couple of boys decided they weren't friends and started arguing back and forth.  I reminded both of them of our class policy: "You don't have to like each other, but you do need to be nice to each other."  One responded, "Fine, I'm ignoring you."  A minute later, he offered the boy a stress ball, saying, "This will help you stop being angry."  (We'd talked about relaxation strategies in class earlier).  It wasn't long before they were talking back and forth nicely to each other and even acting like friends.  I guess you never know!

*Watch for pictures of our 3D apple trees coming soon!*


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