Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Healthy Holiday snack

Hello again busy teachers!

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Yes, even for us. It,s easy to get overwhelmed with lists. Personally I have crocheting to do, an IEP meeting to organize, slippers to ship to a customer, materials to get together for my class, 2 shops to promote, and crafts to plan for Family Craft Day. Not to mention Christmas shopping. 
Whew! I need a break just from typing all that. Smell the flower, blow the candle. Better. Sorry. Where was I?
Family craft day! This is a time when we're inviting parents to come make crafts and snacks with their kids. If you would like to do this and don't have time to think of anything, here's something that will help. 
I was researching some snacks that parents could make with their kids and all of them involved sugar or things that my kids are allergic to. 
Here's my own solution:
Get some mini bagels, whipped cream cheese, and dried cranberries. Mix green food coloring with the cream cheese and spread it on the bagels. Decorate with dried cranberries. Ta da! It's a wreath!
I don't have pictures yet since it's next week, so here's some clipart I modified with Paint:

Enjoy your week!


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