Monday, February 10, 2014

A Red Letter Day

Hello all,

Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays to share with the kids. Recently I looked through my sensory table resources and saw an idea for a monochromatic sensory bin. Nothing groundbreaking, to be sure, but I spiced it up a little bit and thought I'd share.

Sensory tables are great for exploration, but my class is very task-oriented. Some children simply will not stay in a center if my assistants and I don't guide them a little and say, "Why don't you try...?"  So when I saw this idea, I added lots and lots of different red materials from around the classroom: shredded crinkle paper, fabric of different textures, tissue paper, construction paper, shiny crinkle stuff. This is what it looks like:

 I knew this wouldn't be enough for my kids, so I added letters, shapes, and any red object I could find. Then I made this:

I'm quite proud of it. It's laminated so as they find the items, they can cross them off with a dry erase marker. Math, literacy, persistence, and sensory all rolled into one! Here's one boy testing the concept:

He was so engrossed, he didn't want to transition to the other classroom.


What do you do for Valentine's Day?

Until next time,

Amy Latta


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