Sunday, February 2, 2014

Legos for Girls

Hello, all!

We had a few days out because of snow last week, so next week, I'll post some great activities we've been doing involving mythical creatures.

Today I wanted to share this article from Kotaku I came across:
"LEGO Gets Told Off by a 7-Year-Old Girl"

How are the Legos set up in your classroom?  Our Block center happens to be far away from Dramatic Play, but I'll probably change that next year and put them together.  I do, however, keep a small box of blocks in our Dramatic Play section and the girls like playing with them just as much as the boys. They're not pink and purple, but bright primary colors that all children like.  We also have a box of giant legos we pull out and dump on the floor at least once a week. 

There's lots of research that says that girls in general are behind in science and math careers. Building with blocks helps build spatial skills, fine motor skills, and social skills like teamwork.

Do the girls in your class play with blocks? How can you encourage them?

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Amy Latta


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