Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Get great products and help me get my Master's!

Hello all!

Yes, this is a sob story. It's also a great opportunity for you to get customized products and a shameless attempt at begging :) If you want, you can skip this post and I'll have a regular classroom post up soon.

The good news is, I've been accepted into the graduate teaching program at UNC Chapel Hill. It's a Master's of Education focusing on Early Childhood, leadership, and National Board Certification.  This program includes reflection, research, immigration issues, and everything I would need to become a more effective leader and in turn, share my knowledge with you.

I've been struggling since February to get my grant application in, references submitted, entrance application, the whole thing. The only thing I've been waiting on for about a month now was Financial Aid.
Today I found out that federal aid doesn't exist for graduate students. Just a big, fat NOPE. I'm applying for as many scholarships as I can but right now the only options are to either eat into savings or get another loan (while still paying my old one off).

SO. What I'm going to do from now until the end of the month is run a series of 20% sales on my TPT store. You'll get some great products while knowing that you're helping out a fellow teacher.

As always, if there's a theme you would like to see or materials you'd like me to make, just ask! I'll be putting up some assessments geared towards preschoolers in the next week.

The first sale starts tomorrow and runs for the next 4 days (5/8-5/11). Keep an eye out for the next one.

Thank you all!


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