Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I'm sorry this one's a little late.  It's been a busy week with parent conferences and interrogating a potential new assistant.  Here are two stories to make up for it:


Oh, parent-teacher conferences. They reveal so much!  I asked one parent what she does with her child at home and we talked about using TV as a reward instead of a main activity.  Then I mentioned how great the child is doing with starting to pick up letters and writing his name.  I asked, "He loves books. Do you read with him much at home?"  Her response? "No, but I guess I probably should read more." Yes. Yes you should.

I can't be mad at you...

First, a setup: there's a child with autism in our class who's picked me as his favorite teacher. By this I mean that he always wants me to play with him, always wants me to be the one to take him potty, and will literally get into fights by shoving anyone else who gets on my lap.  This afternoon, he got mad that he couldn't have snack yet, because it wasn't ready.  He pushed against me, bit me, fought me, and didn't want me to sit between him and the boy he was trying to take his anger out on.  I reminded my assistant to leave him alone and sure enough, he calmed down. It took all of a minute before he said "Amy sit!"  He's going to kindergarten next year and I'm gonna miss the little guy.


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