Monday, May 13, 2013

Sorry, Sorry

I feel terrible! Almost a month since my last post!  I've been to the SmartStart conference and going through a personnel change in the classroom. I'm looking forward to having someone fresh with different views.  I'll make sure I post at least twice a week for regularity and my own sanity.

Speaking of "Sorry,"  the children learned the word as part of a social skills lesson from the DINA program. Now they're saying it to each other at every opportunity, some of which is good and some bad.  The ones that really get it are great at comforting, but it's a complex skill.  One of the children hit another one through the course of playing and child #2 started crying. We sat the first one down and talked to him about hitting.  Then we said, "What should you say to him now?"  The boy burst out crying and said, "I'm s-sorry!"  He was fine a minute later. I wonder if he really felt that bad or if we should call Hollywood?

*We're doing storytelling this week, so look for a post about some of their stories. Should be cute!*


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