Friday, November 22, 2013

Being thankful

Of course we talked about being thankful this week; is there anyone who didn't? (Seriously, I'd like to know. Post in the comments).  I described it as being something that makes you happy.  For a writing activity, we asked children three things they were thankful for, then encouraged them to draw it on a turkey feather while we dictated. That afternoon, my wonderful assistants made footprint turkeys with the kids and glued the feathers onto them. (Literacy with a 2-part project bonus!) Most of the kids did really well, although there were some that wanted to draw whatever they wanted. Here are some of the responses they gave us:

Mom and Dad
My sister
My skateboard
Fred (a giant stuffed dog in our calm-down area)
My toys
My toybox
My family
All my friends and teachers at school

It sounds like they got the concept just fine!

Join me after Thanksgiving for pictures of Stone Soup, a Thanksgiving tradition in my class! Have a safe and happy holiday.

The perfect time of year to talk about friendship and all we have.


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